Safety First

The goal for Peter Quarantail is to create a joyful and memorable experience for all.  Given the current global health crisis, our absolute top priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.  In order to do so, we are taking a number of precautions outlined below.  

All eggs are assembled inside of our sanitized and food-safe storefront.  Every item is brand new, unopened, and handled only with the use of single use gloves.  All members of the Beans & Barlour team who have helped to assemble the baskets have been diligently observing CDC guidelines and receive COVID-19 testing regularly.

Peter Quarantail Egg Hunt
The Peter Quarantail Egg Hunt is restricted to single-family homes only.  This service is not available if you live in an apartment, condo, or other multi-unit building.  All eggs will be handled with great care by Peter Quarantail and his glove-toting assistants.  

Please be advised that all of the above guidelines will be strictly enforced.  Beans & Barlour reserves the right to cancel an order upon delivery if we feel that the health or safety of any member of our team may be in jeopardy.